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TL; DR: 20 Questions a New Scrum Master Should Ask. 45.

The role of the Scrum Master, or the Agile Coach for that matter, is not to solve the problems for a team but help the team solve the problem themselves. Source Code Auditor – Analyze software code to find bugs, defects, and breaches. If for example feature development is slow and the team found this to be caused by bad code quality, a possible solution could be to expect code reviews, automated tests and refactoring to be done on every feature before marking it “done”. Threat Hunter – Search networks to detect and isolate advanced threats. The Scrum Master is a servant leader who helps the team adhere to the rules of Scrum and works inside and outside of the team to remove impediments. 47. Start learning how the new Scrum team is currently working and get up to speed. 20 questions for you — the new Scrum master — that fit into a 60 minutes time-box.

The Product Owner is responsible for defining what gets built. 2.12 A target is set for each Sprint, called the Sprint Goal. The scrum master needs to maintain order and keep the process moving through the four key rituals of agile development: the daily 15-minute stand … Do you want to get this article in your inbox? Of course a Scrum Master can do much more than what I listed (e.g. 49. Security Operations Center (SOC) Manager – Oversee all SOC personnel. ScrumXP is a lightweight process to deliver value for cross-functional, ... Scrum Master, Product Owner (PO), and Development Team [2]. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst – Coordinate and report on cyber incidents. Every problem presents the … Download an easy printable template for your convenience.

46. 48. Finally, the Scrum Master ensures that the Scrum process is adhered to, and prioritises features to be included in the next Sprint cycle.



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