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by Philip Coppens from PhilipCoppens Website Caught between Templars and Freemasons - the enigma of Rosslyn Chapel . Rosslyn Chapel Under Siege. The Reformation in Scotland. Much of the mystery and intrigue surrounding this site is connected with the unique carvings.

The Rosslyn Chapel Carvings: Facts, Mysteries, and Conspiracies. THIRTEEN. Secrets Of The Code: The Rosslyn Chappel Code

On April 30, 2007, Scotland’s newspaper of record, The Scotsman, published a short article headlined “Musical Secret Uncovered in Chapel Carvings,” about a father-and-son team of Edinburgh musicians, Tommy and Stuart Mitchell, who claimed to have “found a secret piece of music hidden in carvings at Rosslyn Chapel.” The Rosslyn Chapel is a conspiracy theorist's playroom, its interior a madhouse of mysterious stone carvings. Rosslyn Chapel - Secret's of the Templars by Philip Dean. Apocryphal or apocalyptic? The Reformation in Scotland. Rosslyn Chapel was founded upon St. Matthew’s Day, 21st September, 1446, and officially dedicated to that saint on the same day in 1450.

Rosslyn Chapel has long been rumored to have hidden the Holy Grail, it has been speculated in many books that Mari Magdalena herself was the Grail Queen, her womb symbolized by the Cup of Christ. Rosslyn Chapel is in private ownership of the St Clair family who are the Earls of Rosslyn and founders of the chapel. TWENTY. Many secrets that hides the Rosslyn Chapel, the inspired writer Dan Brown to create a best-seller “The Da Vinci Code”, which sounded the legend of the Holy Grail. Country church & Pentland Hills, a photo by nds808v on Flickr. New Secrets on Rosslyn Chapel's Esoteric Beginning. Idolatry of the Head - The Secrets of Rosslyn - by Roddy Martine. The setting within the chapel is enchanting. ... A Secret Tunnel. Name. – The Daisy, white petals, the backs tipped with pink, its centre has a large yellow (gold) head … white surrounding gold. 3:56. Since, at this stage, Rosslyn Chapel was a neglected ruin, where better to conceal something truly precious until it could be revealed in all its splendour? Rosslyn Chapel Secrets The barrel-vaulted roof of the Chapel, from east to west comprises sections of carvings of Daises, Lilies, Flowers, Roses and Stars. Rosslyn Chapel is one of the locations to be shown in the first episode of a new series, starting on Channel 5, this Friday (8th February). THIRTEEN.

Rosslyn Chapel Under Siege. Wayne Herschel, author of 2003’s “The Hidden Records,” has now added another layer to the mystery by claiming that … The exquisite carvings of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland are among the best in Europe and portray scenes not found in any other 15th century chapel. Name * Email. Designed by Studioarc Design Consultants. The Rosslyn Chapel is filled with these cubes that depict the Chladni figures, centuries before Ernst Chladni discovered them with his vibrating metal plates.

New Secrets on Rosslyn Chapel's Esoteric Beginning It is reputed that Rosslyn Chapel, had it been completed would have been an approximate copy of the ancient Temple of Solomon.



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