problems with verbal fluency

While there are other nootropics out there, it’s best to start your research with the items on this list.

R. #MSBlog: Cogntive impairment in MS leaves verbal fluency relatively unscathed.

Since neurologists know which areas of the brain are involved …

Therefore, participants who were chosen for this study were all aged 70 or more. This can help you come up with a more informed decision and help avoid further health problems.

By Prof G. February 16, 2013. However, there were no differences between types of MS (SPMS, RRMS), on semantic or phonological fluency word production, or the strategies used to maximize semantic fluency.

Traumatic brain injuries, cancers, degenerative neurological diseases, and simple aging can all cause declines in verbal fluency. Take a proactive approach to increasing your verbal fluency by talking with people and engaging the world around you. Some individuals with developmental disabilities have lower fluency, and it also declines when people have neurological problems.

One of the most critical insights in fluency research is the urgency to help all our children become fluent, comprehending readers by Grade 3. Verbal fluency deficits in children with specific language impairment: slow rapid naming or slow to name? Continue browsing in r/socialskills. In contrast, we found that the number of switches differed significantly in the phonological fluency task between … Results: The study found that the overall rate of impaired verbal fluency in MSers was consistent with that in other studies. METHODS: Patients from an outpatient university center with a clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease or major depression were studied. They’re more in the middle somewhere. This may be partly because older adults are slower to access information.

Also, make sure you speak with your doctor and discuss your plan of using nootropics. ... Because I've realised deep down I am 100% the problem. Verbal fluency often, but now always, declines as we age. 1.8k. Students struggling with processing speed issues frequently have difficulty expressing their ideas clearly and concisely. Research: verbal fluency. However, research is limited to children and adolescents, and very few researchers have examined the impact of ADHD in adulthood on the cognitive domain.


Research on verbal fluency in dyslexia has shown impaired performance in semantic and letter fluency. However, studies report inconsistent results, and action fluency …

Don’t you hate it when the right words don’t seem to come to you when you need them most?

Verbal fluency tests are a kind of psychological test in which participants have to produce as many words as possible from a category in a given time (usually 60 seconds).

7, 142–152 10.1076/chin. [Google Scholar] Zhao Q., Guo Q., Hong Z.
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