is sanguinius dead

Sanguinius not dead? Or go the route of Dante going black rage and becomming the terrifying warrior with both his own 1400years and Sanguinius 400years worth of memories. With the powers granted by the rage I'd honestly like to see any 40k character try …

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Nicely done! Warhammer 40K fanart. A hero that'll defend the Emperor in humanities darkest hour, wearing golden armour.

Sanguinius is very very dead. Could the long deceased Primarch of the Blood Angels legion ever be returned to life in order to fight for the Imperium once more? So theres that part of me that thinks id like to see Sanguinius in 40k. Sanguinius, primarch of the Blood Angels Legion.

A Psyker (albeit a latent one), Curze was also well-known for the fact that he was plagued from the moment of his awakening by visions of the most horrific future imaginable, terrifying waking dreams that would follow him from cradle to grave. its Cheap, kinda lazy but Yvraine could resurrect him.

Sanguinius is dead and you're laughing – popular memes on the site r/Warhammer: A center for all things Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, and more! Pin Tweet Shop the Meme. Nah, the best illustration of Sanguinius is the one where he's lying dead on those stairs while Horus and the Emperor engage in a staring match! Let Sanguinius be dead. While I could just go through and list off the Primarchs that are still alive rather boringly, I’d rather be inclusive and talk about everybody. Sanguinius or The Angel was the Primarch of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter.

- posted in + AMICUS AEDES +: CM Valrak basically explains that a dev mumbled fumbling through an answer that Sanguinius is not dead, in a bad shape, hes in stasis.

Sanguinius, primarch of the Blood Angels Legion.

Join usJoin us One of the most beloved figures in the Imperium, Sanguinius was among both the most noble and mightiest Primarchs.

Please correct me if im wrong but I believe his body is in the same state as Gulliman's was other than Actually being dead?
This. We already know the B&Cs opinion on whether Sangy coming back and in what way … A big story line change coming? Obviously, there are some no-brainer contenders who are poised to return such as Khan, Corax, Lion, Russ, Vulkan, and the Dameon primarchs. The image is from War of Sigmar, Plus the video from Master Valrak. ... Sanguinius - Blood Angels Primarch . Personally I think he will stay dead, as I cannot imagine the complications to the storyline.

He saw Lorgar dead by his hands and the remaining traitor Primarch’s brought before him in chains.



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