expressive language disorder
There may be a reticence to talk and students may resort to pointing or gesturing to get their message across. Language problems refer to spoken language -- both receptive and expressive language.

Children with this disorder have difficulty understanding words and sentences. If you have a child with developmental expressive language disorder (DELD), they might have difficulty remembering vocabulary words or using complex sentences. The issue: Kids who struggle with expressive language often have below-average vocabulary skills and rely on familiar phrases. This disorder appears in children between the ages of 2 and 4, but is most likely to appear at age 2.
Because of this, they often respond in ways that don’t make sense. There may be a reticence to talk and students may resort to pointing or gesturing to get their message across. Expressive language disorder is a condition where you have trouble communicating with others using language. The percentage of cases falls between 3% and 5% of the total infant population. ... (1996) have suggested that children with unidentified language problems likely exhibit fewer difficulties with the expressive and social aspects of language, which is why a diagnosis of language impairment is overlooked. Examining the comorbidity of language disorders and ADHD. What is expressive language (using words and language)? Language disorder in children refers to problems with either of the following: Getting their meaning or message across to others (expressive language disorder) Understanding the message coming from others (receptive language disorder) Children with language disorders are able to produce sounds, and their speech can be understood. Speech is how we say sounds and words. The student’s understanding of language is likely to outstrip his/her ability to communicate with the spoken word. Communicating thoughts using language (expressive language). Expressive language disorder: People have trouble getting their message across when they talk. Expressive language is the use of words, sentences, gestures and writing to convey meaning and messages to others. Students with an expressive language disorder have problems using oral language or talking. Individuals with a receptive language disorder may have difficulty understanding spoken language, responding appropriately, or both. Expressive language delay (ELD) is a broad diagnosis that simply means that a child is having trouble using language in some way, shape, or form. Language abnormalities, better known as receptive language disorders, expressive are common among young children. Speech and Language Disorders. a girl standing alone in the school yard.
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