cherry laurel care

Other than occasional watering, provide a balanced fertilizer in early spring. The sun requirements for laurels vary depending on the species. Housman’s poem, To an Athlete Dying Young: “And early though the laurel grows, It withers quicker than the rose.” Despite the brief flowering season, Prunus laurocerasus is not a shrub to underestimate. Cut the tips off the branches regularly as this will give you thick, dense plants that will look great in your garden as specimens or as a hedge. CONTROL Refer to our guidelines on how to correctly prune shrubs. However, this is just cosmetic damage and an indication that vine weevil are present. However, they are not so tolerant of over fertilization. Cherry laurels have many benefits in the landscape. It is fast-growing and lures birds with its cherry-like red fruits, which turn black in maturity. Cherry laurel is a shrub that is easy to prune, especially if part of a hedge. Prune in spring and/or in fall. Cherry Laurel Long-Term Care Start trimming your Laurel plants early in their life. Adult vine weevil are usually only seen at night.
It was first introduced in Germany by … Adult vine weevil emerge in the summer months (July/August) and can notch the edges of the leaves of all types of laurel (and many other plants) but particularly Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus). Cherry laurels bloom in spring and an easy way to remember the habits of this evergreen flowering shrub is to memorize the line from A.E.

Easy to care for, resilient and vigorous, cherry laurel requires very little care, especially when it is already well settled in.
This low maintenance beauty can be pruned for size if used as a hedge or left alone with its attractive natural shape. Cherry Laurel, Prunus laurocerasus: Common Laurel Cherry laurel is a handsome evergreen shrub that will tolerate shade and produces dainty white sweet-smelling flowers in spring. Prune out … Otto Luyken Laurel, a perfect evergreen shrub is a dwarf form of English Cherry Laurel with creamy white flower on bright glossy foliage. They tolerate full sun to shade, drought, and salt spray. Cherry laurel plants are also resistant to many common pests and diseases. Once a cherry laurel is established, it is very easy to care for. Cherry Laurels: A Field Guide.
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