carrot cake recipe from chicago restaurants

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The cake was as tight as concrete and definitely not the quality which I experienced at my local Starbucks café. To make this homemade carrot cake recipe, you will need: Oil: Any mild-flavored oil will do. Not surprisingly I would rate this recipe with the a grade of 1 on a scale from 1 to 5.

I typically use avocado oil, but vegetable or canola oil would work too. My cake was a big hit!

Flour: I always indulge here with classic all-purpose flour. The only thing I would do differently with this recipe is use 3 cake pans instead of 2.
Only the frosting was acceptable. Homemade Carrot Cake Ingredients: Alright, let’s make our shopping list! If you don't have the opportunity to eat at one of their restaurants, you can at least have their carrot cake! From The Palm Restaurant Cookbook. Truly our best-ever carrot cake recipe, make this classic favorite for a crowd and you might not have any leftovers to bring home.For more flavor, try toasting the nuts and coconut before adding them to the batter. This recipe made a very moist, flavorful cake. I hadn’t baked a carrot cake in years, and got overwhelmed trying to find a good recipe, since there are a billion “best” carrot cakes on the Internet. Eggs and vanilla extract: Because…cake. I tried this recipe and the end-result was definitely a BIG disappointment. It's important to cool the cakes completely before … Join the discussion today. Sugars: Both granulated (white) and brown sugar. Be sure to use superfine or baker's sugar for the frosting--using regular granulated sugar may result in a gritty feel as it takes longer to dissolve.



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