Pomegranate scientific name

Mutsu Apple . The specific name distinguish between different organism with a genus. Possibly stemming from the old French word for the fruit, pomme-grenade , the pomegranate was known in early English as "apple of Grenada"—a term which today survives only in heraldic blazons .

Fruits » More. Northern Spy Apple. Red Delicious Apple. [Illegitimate] : Pomegranate (Engl.) We have listed Common Fruits and Vegetables with both their common names and scientific names. The first part of the scientific name are always written with the generic name first. Punica granatum L. is an accepted name The Plant List Scientific names: Common names: Punica granatum Linn. Australian food laws do not permit the sale of irradiated pomegranate fruit for domestic human consumption. As a result, any irradiated pomegranate fruit that are not exported must be destroyed. Punica nana L: Granada (Tag.) If you want to search a specific name, you may use the search box below. The scientific name of this fruit is Punicum granatum. Along with the scientific name and classification of Pomegranate, know about other Pomegranate Facts. Spartan Apple. Punica spinosa Lam. Genus is a group of plants which are related to each other in some or the other way. : Dalima (Sul.) Bark of the roots, the flowers, the rind of pomegranate fruit and the seeds, are official in many pharmacopoeias. Granada is a common name shared by (1) Granadilla, Granada (Pang. ), Passiflora incarnata, and (2) Granada, Punica granatum. Pomegranate Genus and Other Classification. Fun fact : In ancient Greece, it was believed that pomegranate is the fruit of the dead and was formed from the blood of … Pomegranate is also processed into a liqueur and fruit confectionery used as ice-cream toppings or mixed with yogurt and jam on toast. More. Other Traditional Uses and benefits of Pomegranate. As a result, any irradiated pomegranate fruit that are not exported must be destroyed. The name pomegranate derives from medieval Latin pōmum "apple" and grānātum "seeded".

Tibetan cowslip.

Royal Gala Apple.

People use pomegranate for high blood pressure, athletic performance, heart disease, diabetes, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support most of these uses. More Fruits. Morus, a genus of flowering plants in the family Moraceae, consists of diverse species of deciduous trees commonly known as mulberries, growing wild and under cultivation in many temperate world regions.

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