American beech firewood

Beech leaf disease was first identified in 2012. Been burning wood for over 30 years and I prefer Beech over any other firewood around here(oak, maple, birch, etc). The American beech is now confined to the eastern United States. The trees are not very large and a majority of the wood cut from an ironwood tree are stove sized and don't require splitting which is a huge benefit. Discussion in 'Firewood, Heating and Wood Burning Equipment' started by tld400, Feb 1, 2013. Joined: Aug 9, 2012 Messages: 436 Likes Received: 57 Location: NJ. Ironwood firewood is commonly used as a blanket term for several different types of dense firewood producing trees. Beech has an unmistakable bark of shiny, silver-grey that fits its trunk like smooth skin. by Julie Johnson. AQUA HOTEL. It is often considered as a good alternative for hard maple woods. American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) The American beech is easily recognized even in dense, complex forests by its thin, smooth, light gray bark. Not much oak around here, sugar maple and beech is prime stuff for our area. Firewood BTU Ratings Charts for Common Tree Species. Oh and does the wood … fact it's one of the best firewood types if you're lucky enough to live in an area where they grow. AMERICAN BEECH. It is ideal for high efficiency wood burners. Depending on where you live Blue Beech, American Hophornbeam, Eastern Hophornbeam and even Musclewood (due to its twisted trunk and resemblance to a muscle) are names given to describe "Ironwood" which makes identifying the tree somewhat confusing. Kiln dried Beech is easy to light, burns exceptionally well giving a high heat output and has a long burn time. It splits fairly easy and dries fast once split. Beech Firewood, Pellets And Residues for sale. It is usually easy to split and it burns clean. Two 15-year-old coppiced gray birches and one 18-year-old coppiced American beech add up to a face-cord on the author's porch. New member so this is my first post. Kiln dried Beech is easy to light, burns exceptionally well giving a high heat output and has a long burn time. GALLERY . I was wondering how it splits and season time. Notify of 12 Comments . The foliage of the American beech begins its spring growth as a delicate pale green, then by early summer takes on a translucent blue-green color. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > tld400 ArboristSite Operative. American beech; Apple Beech firewood is comparable to oak for heat output and long burn.

Birch is a good firewood to burn because it burns well and produces a moderate amount of heat. Rich bright flame and comforting aroma, perfect for wood burning stoves and pizza ovens, open fires, fire pits, … GALLERY. I have a huge beech tree to cut up that fell in Sandy. In lower elevations, beech often grows in pure stands, with trees to 120' in height and 4' in diameter. Excellent firewood. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW WHATS HAPPENING AT AMERICAN BEECH? I have a huge beech tree to cut up that fell in Sandy. American beech (Fagus grandifolia) is the only species of a beech tree in North America. Both are economically important timber trees and are often planted as ornamentals in Europe and North America; they may grow as tall as 30 metres (100 feet). Inline Feedbacks. Beech trees routinely live 350 years, so planting a beech becomes an act of faith.



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