Esther Austin

I had my first session with Eymbi in February 2015 after coming back from India with a parasite that had really played havoc with my health.

I was given a bio- chemical analysis test and it revealed quite a few things that needed to be rectified pertaining to my health. 

Emybi went through the print-out of what was wrong with me in detail and made suggestions of what I should do and purchase to bring my health back into balance.  Eymbi has a lovely calm manner and is incredibly knowledgeable about what she does.  I knew and felt I was being looked after and that my health was the most important thing at that moment in time.  I was sent a detailed print out about my health and a breakdown of what to do etc.

I would highly , highly recommend using Eymbi's services.  Remember your health is your wealth.

Karen Bell
Since meeting Eymbi Divine, My life has taken a U turn. I was introduced to Eymbi by a mutual friend, whilst attending a well-being event. Eymbi launch her services in London and introduced me to a bio-chemical testing, which examined the chemical balance within my body. During this period of my life, I was going through multiple life changing events, which all individually had some sort of impact on my health in one way or another. The hospital consultations diagnosed me with Arthritis and a rear condition called Sarcoidosis, for a period of ten months I was prescribed various medication for both of my medical conditions. The prescribed medication had numerous side effects which indirectly causes health deprivation, hinder my mobility, whilst on the other hand slowly helped towards healing my conditions. Miss Eymbi Divine introduced and delivered a Bio-chemical assessment on me, which assessed the bio-chemical levels within my body highlight any imperfections with metrobolical system. Miss Divine suggested various natural alternative supplements to revitalise and rejuvenate my metabolism and re-align my metabolically system Firstly I completed a 28days detox programme method to cleanse and clear any blockage within my body, whilst drinking the suggested amount of water, followed by taking various organic powder, tablets and herbs. Over a period of 10 - 18 months of taking the health supplement and research the benefits of the content; I notice a mark improvement in my health and mobility. Therefore, so I made a conscious decision to reduce my prescribed medication and increased my complimentary alternative. To date, my rear condition of Sarcoidosis is present but under control and my Arthritis is slightly present but all must go. I feel like I have more control over my health and well-being since engaging on the healthy Living programme.   I feel more energetic and I’m back in control of my body, mind and soul. The sky is the limit and my health possibility is endless.
Robert Charlemagne
I believe Eymbi is the best in what she does. If you want a great service with speed and perfection, she comes highly recommened. She was more than patient with me (which can be hard at times). I will do business with her again and again. Thanks Eymbi. Great job, great price and great communications!!!
Joanna Harrison
I saw Eymbi at an event in 2012 and purchased her whipped cream balm.
Once I opened the jar, the aroma which oozed out and tantalised my senses where my favourite aromatherapy oil lemongrass.
The smell alone uplifted my spirit before applying it to my skin.
My solar plexus was jumping with joy.
The consistency was fluffy and light and when I applied the balm to my dry skin, it melted and hydrated it immediately.
The change that I noticed when I applied the cream was a beautiful sun kissed glow which I had aquired.
Also I have naturally smooth skin however this balm made my skin feel smoother than a a babies bottom.
I also applied the balm to my hair and scalp this soothed my itchy scalp due to the follicles growing back my scalp would itch me something chronic.
I would recommend this cream, it smells absolutely gorgeous.
Texture is light so for those of you who do not like heavy balms this would be ideal for you.
Two products in one, skin and hair tonic, what more could you ask for?