Self Health Discovery At Torquay 19th-22nd Feb 2016

599693_398931060155162_1874445048_nYour Body Has An Innate Wisdom & Power To Heal.

If it could speak what would it tell You? Let Us Show You
Would you like a pain free life with less stress, better quality sleep, more energy, feeling vibrant inside and out? If the answer is Yes.
We Are Here For You.

Join us for a weekend of self health discovery

Empress Divine MFHT: Naturopath and wellness Consultant, makes a range of natural oils and creams. Empress Divine has taught a range of therapies including Indian Head Massage, Sports Therapy, Reflexology for over fifteen years and is qualified in Thai Massage, Raw food therapist as well as being a radio presenter and Director of Women’s Love & Pamper Day.
An alkaline system = Health & Vitality

Janice Alexander: Comes fully loaded with a Healthcare Degree; Health advocate; Uses food as Medicine.
We provide a Full Body MOT Using a Biochemical Assessment. This none invasive cutting edge healthcare technology takes a snap shot of what is going on deep inside your body.
How Does This Work
We are made up of both electrical and magnetic energies. The Biochemical Scanner picks this up through your meridians in your hand, measuring and reading all your systems and organs. It just takes 60 seconds holding a probe so no need to disrobe.
Click Here To MOT Biochemical Assessement
What Will It Show
Having a Body MOT Biochemical Assessment will help to determine the following:-
Your toxic load which contributes to health challenges, Blood pressure, Bone density, Digestion, Liver and gall bladder functions, Memory functions, Levels of vitamins and minerals and lots more
What Do You Get
30-45 minute Consultation
Plan of action to help you reach optimum health levels
Report and support over 30 days
Torquay Latinfest Weekender 19th -22nd February 2016
Special offer early bird booking before 13.02.2016 only £80
£95 thereafter (Normal price £130) Big savings of £50
Empress Divine With Love

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