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Root CanalScientific evidence clearly indicates there is a strong connection between oral infection and disease.

80% of all disease relates to problems in the mouth.

Oral pathogens are the reason for 90% of heart attacks.

Mercury fillings found in teeth is one of the most common causes of chronic health problems such as Chronic fatigue, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hormone related problems, Autism, Alzheimer’s, and many auto immune diseases.

Root canals and cavities are infectious and will slowly leach pathogens into your blood system. A root canal is performed when the infection has got so deep that it has invaded the pulp tissue and died. Incorrect treatment of a root canal can cause dry socket which happens when the tooth is taken out and it does not bleed so no blood gets to the socket and it dies. When a dentist uses epiphenefrine as an anaesthetic to numb the area it causes the capillaries to close off and cuts off the blood supply and that is how you can get dry socket. Dentists should go to great lengths to prevent bacteria from getting into the bone, for example using colloidal silver, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils. You have to make sure all the soft bone has been cleaned out and the tooth ligament has also been taken out. Conventional dentists don’t really understand the dangers of leaving pathogens in the route canal and they just finish the procedure without taking the necessary precautions.

The pathogens in the mouth inhibit enzymes in the body and enzymes are needed for every process in the body. The pathogens continually leak into the system and can be festering for decades without any symptoms because your immune system can handle it and then after a while something can happen to increase the stress on your organs and you start getting symptoms. It could be something traumatic happen in your life that caused more stress. It could be diet related or increases in electromagnetic energy or WiFi.

According to Dr Blanche Grube, a biological dentist (a dentist who does not use poisons like mercury nickel and other toxins that conventional dentists use and treat the mouth and its contents as an integral part of the body and it cannot be viewed as a separate system. They take extra precautions to minimize your exposure to mercury and they promote health and well-being through healthful nourishment and illumination of toxins.) 100% of people with breast cancer have had either root canal treatment or cavities. All root canals are dead but the bacteria is alive and that weakens your immune system making it easier for you to get sick. In the root canal there are thousands and thousands of little tubules that run alongside the main canal.

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Using a conventional dentist can have devastating effects on your health. I personally had all my amalgam fillings taken out. I thought I would save money and go to a conventional dentist and pay £30 instead of the £90-120 per tooth and two weeks later I had a constant itch on my right side low back just above the waste. I had acquired candida in my right lung.

Mercury promotes candida among other things and the dentist was trying to convince me how harmless mercury fillings were. He didn’t protect me, his staff or himself from the mercury that gets in the air. Mercury can also cause infertility so just think of all those dental assistants who won’t be having any children in the future because of their exposure to dental amalgams. Convincing anyone that a metal that is too toxic to go into landfill, too toxic to be put in the sewer and has to be disposed of using rubber gloves, mask and a separate disposal bin because it is classed as a toxic waste, can be safe to put in your mouth is nonsense. Many dentists are turning to other alternatives because the research is out about the dangers and a lot of dentists are responding but a lot of dentists are dragging their feet and sticking to the old dogma that mercury is safe in small doses.

How do you choose a biological dentist? Make sure they are a certified biological dentist not just a dentist who says they are holistic. They are using a rubber damn in the mouth and an amalgam meter to decide which tooth to work on first. Are they using a high mercury filter to take the mercury out of the room. Do they perform a serum compatibility test, which is like an allergy test for the teeth so they can see what they can put back in your mouth without causing an allergic reaction. Do they use rubber or plastic in the root because that will increase estrogens, which puts hormones out of balance. You want to know that the products they use during the dental procedure are not chemical and instead they use things like hydrogen peroxide, ozone, intravenous vitamin C, essential oils. When you go to the dentist they should be talking to you about vitamin D because most people are deficient and the dentist could be educating you about natural solutions such as nutrition and detoxification. If you have a root canal that is infected and is continually putting pathogens in to your blood it will be very difficult to detoxify and will also reduce your immune system.

It is funny how conventional medicine tells us that heart disease is caused by smoking, elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, inactivity and a poor diet and then they turn around and give us toxic chemicals to control symptoms with no intention of educating people about the natural way of healing.

Root canals are the source of most disease causing toxins. There is an interconnection between the mouth and the body. Most people do not see the connection between the two and how one can affect the other. High blood pressure can come down to normal with a route canal extraction and cleanse. Root canals are always chronically infected but you won’t feel pain because all the pulp and the nerves of the tooth are all taken out. You may feel pain in the jaw bone because that has not been effected. The tooth is now lifeless and 100% of these teeth if they were not infected before become chronically infected with virulent pathogens that can cause atherosclerotic plaque, aneurisms and coronary artery disease.

Clinical research in Finland in 2013 found after analysing more than 5000 patients who had acute heart attacks had the same pathogens on those blood clots that caused the infarction as those that were found in the mouth. Most root canals are done on the larger teeth and when you chew you create enormous pressure and every time you chew you empty toxins into the venous system and they make their way to the heart the lungs then back through the heart and then spread throughout the body. When the blood gets to the coronary artery it is under high pressure so in combination with the pathogens causes a lot of inflammation in the coronary artery leading to heart attacks. So most of the time root canals or infected teeth are responsible for the acute heart attacks. So once you develop the inflammation all the other risk factors are going to become relevant such as high blood pressure, High cholesterol, bad diet and smoking but they are not the initiator of the problem.

The infection and toxicity in the mouth are the initiating factor most of the time. You can have a root canal causing inflammation for 10, 20, 30 years and your body will have been fighting off the effect. Some factors that influence the outcome are the position of the teeth, (molars will deliver more pathogens than front teeth because that is where you do most of the chewing) the kind of food you eat because the antioxidants in the food can neutralize many of the oxidation caused by the pathogens.

If you are trying to manage your own health the first thing to bear in mind is to detoxify and not to retoxify. Gut health is very important. Make sure your mouth is clean. When you are having health issues you need to look at your hormones because testosterone, estrogens and thyroid hormones directly affect every cell in the body and if you don’t have hormones that are within the normal range you will not have an optimum result.


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