Cleanse and Detox

Congratulations a colon detox is a great foundation in starting to building you back to optimum health. As often by this stage the liver has had to struggle to get rid of toxins built up, if it has been a while since you have cleansed, the next stage is a liver flush followed by kidney flush this in turn will help the immune and blood system.
Give your body permission to rest with the cleansing process; read my blog on water most clients I see are suffering from dehydration
Getting you off to a good start include plenty hydration filtered water, juicing, live raw foods, soup and porridge these are all great during this time most of all rest your Ageless Body in an Unlimitless Mind.
We can recommend pumpkin, coconut soup see link.
Biochemical Analysis Consultation will give you an overall MOT insight to your health inside out booked an appointment so that we can support you further.
We are here to support you fully through to optimum health and wellness any other questions do let us know