Wholistic Therapy

EymbiComplementary To Your Natural Well-being

Eymbi Divine MFHT, IIHHT, MICHT, MICFHB Insured and a member of Federation of Holistic Therapies
Eymbi is a Natupathic healer in energy and intuitive therapy, with over 15 years experience; working at cellular level this includes nature, crystals, colour therapy, gifted in visualisation therapy and also putting you at ease.
As a motivational spiritual life coach, ‘WE are Spiritual Beings Having A Physical Experience’ Eymbi draws out and encourages the empowerment of women particularly to address their sacred womb with health challenges such as emotional imbalances through cleansing offering tools for self-discovery and spiritual upliftment.  Also working with a variety of support groups and individuals including cancer, sickle cell, fibroids, and weight issues including diabetes.
She has a passion for empowering womb-man and has facilitated Sista Circle in London and Manchester for the past six years, which has proven to be a great success.
Sista Circle has especially been an invaluable link with women who are concerned about getting support with a variety of health issues such as Fibroids which can present life shocks and may have a knock on effect on their families.

Eymbi is currently a guest presenting Health well-being programmes on local radio stations (All FM, Irei Irei and

Legacy 90.1 FM), delivering workshops in Healing Sounds, and Sista Circles.

As proven that “You are what you eat, think and feel”. The words we speak the thoughts we think and the foods we eat therefore, have a profound affects on our well-being particularly on our deep sub-conscious level- mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. This is the focal point to her well-being approach.
Blending her own unique range of creams, oils and herbs, she has developed an effective way of treating and restoring the skin, as well as maintaining the equilibrium of body, mind and soul.
Her Mission is to assist and inspire in the empowerment of men and women everywhere in natural wholistic health through in turn to affect the progressive healing of our young generation.
My motto is, ‘live your truth, be happy and take your joy wherever you go’
As we enter 12.2012 this marks the Feminine energy taking its natural flow.